At Beauty We Gooo, our journey began with a simple yet powerful belief – beauty should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their busy schedules. Inspired by the idea of bringing the salon experience directly to your home, we set out to redefine the beauty industry.

 Founded by a team of passionate beauty professionals, Beauty We Gooo is more than just a beauty service; it’s a commitment to making self-care a convenient and stress-free experience. We understand the challenges of juggling daily responsibilities, and we believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful without sacrificing precious time.

 Our dedicated team of skilled beauty experts is at the heart of our story. With years of experience and a shared vision for reimagining beauty services, we set out to create a platform where indulgence meets convenience. Why leave the comfort of your home when you can have a luxurious salon experience right at your doorstep?

 From the very beginning, our mission has been to simplify beauty routines, making them effortless and enjoyable for all. Beauty We Gooo is not just a service; it’s a lifestyle that prioritizes self-care without compromising on quality.

 Join us on this journey of transforming the way you experience beauty. Discover the ease of our at-home services and embrace a new era where beauty is truly for everyone. Welcome to Beauty We Gooo – where beauty meets you right where you are.”

 “Our commitment to convenience extends beyond our doorstep service; it’s ingrained in our online booking platform. We understand the value of your time, and that’s why we’ve made scheduling your beauty sessions effortless.

 With Beauty We Gooo’s user-friendly online booking system, you have the power to curate your own pampering experience. Simply browse through our range of services, select your preferred date and time, and let us take care of the rest. No more waiting in lines or struggling to find the perfect appointment slot – we’ve streamlined the process to fit seamlessly into your busy lifestyle.

 Our online platform is designed to provide you with flexibility and control. Whether you’re planning ahead or in need of a last-minute beauty fix, Beauty We Gooo is just a few clicks away. Enjoy the convenience of managing your beauty appointments at your fingertips, and let us tailor our services to your schedule.

  Join us in embracing a new era of beauty where technology meets relaxation. Experience the ease of Beauty We Gooo’s online booking service – because your beauty journey should be as flexible as you are. Welcome to a world where booking beauty has never been this simple.”

Safety and Hygiene Information

At Beauty We Gooo, we prioritize the health and safety of our clients and staff. We have implemented strict hygiene protocols to ensure a clean and safe environment for all our beauty home services, including lashes, nails, and waxing. Here is a clear explanation of our hygiene protocols:

  1. Sanitization: We follow rigorous sanitization practices for all our tools and equipment. Before and after each use, we thoroughly sanitize items such as nail clippers, tweezers, waxing spatulas, and lash extension tools using hospital-grade disinfectants [1].

  2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Our beauty technicians are trained to wear appropriate PPE, including disposable gloves and masks, during all services. This helps prevent the spread of germs and ensures a safe experience for both clients and technicians.

  3. Hand Hygiene: Our technicians practice proper hand hygiene by washing their hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after each client. We also provide hand sanitizers throughout our service area for clients to use.

  4. Clean Environment: We maintain a clean and hygienic environment by regularly disinfecting all surfaces, including treatment tables, chairs, and countertops. We also ensure proper ventilation to promote fresh air circulation.

  5. Disposable Materials: Whenever possible, we use disposable materials such as nail files, buffers, and waxing strips to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and ensure a safe and hygienic experience for our clients.

  6. Health Screening: Prior to any service, we conduct health screenings to ensure that both clients and technicians are in good health. If a client or technician is feeling unwell or showing any symptoms, we kindly request rescheduling the appointment to a later date.

  7. Social Distancing: We encourage clients to maintain a safe distance from other clients and technicians whenever possible. We have implemented a scheduling system to minimize the number of clients present at any given time.

  8. Communication: We are committed to keeping our clients informed about our hygiene protocols and any updates related to safety measures. We encourage open communication and welcome any questions or concerns regarding our practices.

By following these hygiene protocols, we aim to provide a safe and comfortable beauty experience for our clients. Your well-being is our utmost priority, and we will continue to adapt and implement the necessary measures to ensure your safety​